Yuzuha Hitachiin is the mother of Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin.

Yuzuha appears as a supporting character in the manga only, though the twins mention her in the anime.  Yuzuha heads her own high-end fashion company, and her sons take after her. She loves her boys, but she tends to tease them by saying she can't tell them apart when she actually can. Her husband works at a software company and he took her family name when they married.


Yuzuha is descibed as being very pretty with bright eyes and short hair. In her first appearance, she wears a plaid jacket a black skirt and dangling earings.



  • (To Haruhi) Stand up straight. You should trim your hair a little more. Oh dear, your ribbon is tilted. Your vest is a bit too big. Hikaru, Kaoru, did you measure her properly?
  • (To Haruhi) Please come join us for dinner sometime. I want you to try on a new dress of mine.
  • (Chapter 45, to Mei) Ara, what heavy make-up! Did you get tanned during vacation? Uhuhu, I'm joking! Would you like to try on my newest model?
  • (Chapter 45) By the way, Hikaru, no, Kaoru. Or is it Hikaru? Let's see...
  • (Chapter 45, about Haruhi in one of her outfits) Araara, how cute!! Just like a doll!!

Chapter Appearances

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