The seventeenth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club Manga series.


  • Chapter 76
  • Chapter 77
    • Tamaki continues to gain his grandmother's approval. In the meantime, Kyoya gathers the other members to discuss his investigation.
  • Chapter 78
    • The Suoh Corporation has made a big change but Tamaki and his grandmother aren't happy about it, neither is the rest of Host Club.
  • Chapter 79
    • Everyone at Ouran Academy is missing Tamaki but he refuses to do anything until his grandmother approves, including seeing his mother. Can the Host Club help?
  • Chapter 80
    • "Tamaki, go see your mother."
  • Egoistic Club
    • Bisco Hatori gives thanks to everyone who helped her for the volume especially with mapping the traveling route.
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