The sixteenth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club Manga series.


  • Chapter 72
    • It's Honey versus Mori in an anything goes match. Mori, why do you want to fight Honey?
  • Chapter 73
  • Chapter 74
    • Tamaki moves into the main mansion. Hiatus? The Host Club is on hiatus?
  • Chapter 75
    • "Everyone, I'm quitting the Host Club."
  • Extra Chapter: The Story of Haruhi's Mother and Father
    • Job hopping Ryoji Fujioka is enamored with the self-reliant Kotoko Katayama, who is a lawyer. How can Ryoji possibly make an impression on her?
  • Extra Chapter: The Hitachiin Family Precept
  • Egoistic Club
    • Bisco Hatori recalls a ghost story and discusses her process for a character's plot and design.
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