The fifteenth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club Manga series.


  • Chapter 67
  • Episode 68
    • Tamaki realizes that he loves Haruhi but not like a daughter. He's afraid his love for her will break apart the Host Club family. Mori tells him to be honest with himself and know that everyone in the Host Club trusts him.
  • Chapter 69
    • Hikaru warns Tamaki not to presume to know Haruhi's feelings, but Tamaki of course doesn't listen! Kyoya, what do you about the "lying lawyer" Yuko Kosaka?
  • Chapter 70
    • Kyoya has found out that Yuko has been secretly and regularly meeting with Tamaki's grandmother. Meanwhile, Tamaki and Hikaru compete to find the best birthday gift for Haruhi.
  • Chapter 71
    • It's the last day before Mori and Honey graduate from Ouran and Mori challenges Honey to duel!
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