The fourteenth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club manga series.


  • Chapter 62
  • Chapter 63
    • Hikaru challenges the members to buy an item that Haruhi would love. Wait, where did Haruhi go?
  • Chapter 64
    • Haruhi has been kidnapped and is being held at a dry cleaning store. What connection does the dry cleaners have with the Suoh Corporation?
  • Chapter 65
    • Tamaki just hasn't been himself after Haruhi's kidnapping. What can be troubling him? And, who is this "dream Haruhi", Megumi Kanoya?
  • Chapter 66
    • The Host Club spies on Tamaki's and Megumi's lunch together. Why does Megumi want to know Tamaki so badly?
  • Extra Chapter: Mori's Day Off
    • Mori enjoys his small family of pets until they misbehave....
  • Egoistic Club
    • Bisco Hatori laments about how the volume ended but mentions a drama cd that links volume 14 and gives thanks everyone who helped her.
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