The tenth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club Manga Series. .


Chapter 41  Black Magic Club member Kanako Kasugazaki becomes strangely infatuated with Honey. Will she be able to curse Honey into being hers?
Chapter 42 Misuzu's daughter Mei Yasumura has to stay with the Fujiokas for the summer. To break the ice with the Host Club, they all go to karaoke!
Chapter 43 Tamaki's been working at Karuizawa with Misuzu over the summer, and taking Mei out to commoner's stops when free. What's he up to?
Chapter 44 The Host Club, after being put to work in Karuizawa, puts their Mei and Misuzu makeup plan into action!
Chapter 45 Despite three days left in summer, Mei and Haruhi visit the Hitachiin twins' mansion to try on designs from their mother, Yuzuha.
Chapter 46 President of the American Football Club, Takeshi Kuze, challenges Kyoya to a competition. This sparks the first sports competition in Ouran Academy's history!
Egoistic Club Bisco Hatori draws fan requests and gives a tutorial on how to tell the twins apart.
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