The eighth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club Manga Series. .


Chapter 32 Class 1-A holds a fright fest as their second semester project. What starts as a terrifying night for class president Kazukiyo Soga and a night of mischief for the Hitachiin twins turns into a learning lesson for both parties about appreciating what you have.
Chapter 33 How Kyoya met Tamaki, and how a crazy idea tied them together as best friends.
Chapter 34 Things go from their usual amount of hectic to worrisome when the scary Ritsu Kasanoda of class 1-D asks to become Mori's disciple. Can Mori and the rest of the Host Club really make him more approachable?
Chapter 35 Mori warms up to the idea of Ritsu following after him. However, it seems like someone is cruelly targeting Ritsu! Why is this?
Chapter 36 After discovering Haruhi is a girl, Ritsu grows feelings for her. Will he gain the courage to confess? Will Tamaki finally realize he's not her father?
Extra Chapter: Seizaburo Tachibana, Ohtori Staff Member Seizaburo Tachibana goes through his day and celebrates Ouran High School Host Club becoming animated.
The Egoist Club Team Hatori plays with the idea of Kyoya being less serious on accident (such as taking a TV remote to school instead of his phone) and how it would go.
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