The sixth volume of the Ouran High School Host Club series.


Chapter 22 It's time for the Cultural Festival and everyone wants to use the Central Salon within the school! The American Football Club challenges the Host Club for the use of the high-profile salon. How will the Hosts cope throughout the festival? And who is sending them threatening anonymous notes!? 
Chapter 23 The Host Club is still trying to figure out who is writing the anonymous letters, meanwhile students are beginning to take sides between the competing clubs. Naturally, the only way to solve this mystery is to create a secret espionage unit!
Chapter 24 The battle continues between the Host Club and the vicious American Football Club! It also seems that Haruhi has placed the final pieces together behind the mystery of the threatening anonymous notes! But is it all as it seems?
Chapter 25 Everyone helps host the 43rd annual Ouran Academy Festival! Haruhi meets the parents of the twins and Kyoya's, as well as Tamaki's father and his distant grandmother. That woman could stir up trouble though...
Chapter 26 Haruhi learns about Tamaki's past and his family situation, including why his grandmother seems to be so cruel. How does Tamaki stay so positive through all of it?
Chapter 27 After getting soup spilled on him, Ouran's Vice Principle, Zennosuke Kazama, tasks the Host Club with recreating the most amazing soup he's had since his mountaineering days, in hopes of teaching them a lesson about wasting food.
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