The third volume of the Ouran Highschool Host Club Manga Series.


Chapter 08

The Host Club takes Haruhi to a real beach where they compete to learn Haruhi's deepest fear. Haruhi saves some guests who are threatened by some local thugs but is pushed into the sea.  When Tamaki saves her, they end up in an argument, but why?


Chapter 09

Haruhi's and Tamaki's fight continues. The other club members help Haruhi realize that Tamaki was only worried about her. Haruhi suddenly feels nauseous from eating too much and ends up getting a sly lesson about being vulnerable from the Shadow King. What happens when her true fear is revealed?


Chapter 10

Haruhi is returning from a supermarket run when she slips in the courtyard and is caught by Benio Amakusa. Benio and the other members of the Zuka Club immediately recognize that Haruhi is a girl and try to get her to transfer to Lobelia Girls' Academy.

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Chapter 11

It's Halloween and the students at Ouran Academy are getting ready for the costume ball. Suddenly, strange mishaps start occurring around Haruhi, leading everyone to think that she's under a "Witch's Curse."


Chapter 12

After having a bad dream, Tamaki and the other Host Club members decide to visit Haruhi's home. Interested in "commoner's life," the Club goes on a shopping trip. Later, Haruhi's dad walks in on an awkward situation and Tamaki is held accountable.

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Chapter 12.5

This chapter's story takes place about eight years before the present. One day, Ranka finds a letter from Haruhi's school about an "Open Day" at her school and  wants to know why his daughter didn't tell him about the event.

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