The second volume of the Ouran High School Host Club Manga Series.




It’s Physical Examination time and the Host Club must find a way to keep Haruhi’s gender a secret. In the process, they encounter Doctor Yabu, an odd man whose sad story prompts them to act.

Chapter 4 manga cover



This is the first time that Hikaru and Kaoru have ever had a real fight, or is it just a game? Why are they fighting? How can the Host Club help them make amends?

Chapter 5 cover



Shiro Takaoji , a fifth- grade elementary school brat, asks the Host Club King aka Tamaki for lessons how to impress the ladies, or maybe just one in particular. 

Chapter 6 manga



The Host Club visits The Ohtori Group’s Tropical Aqua Garden where fun ensues until Hunny gets swept away by a Tamaki-induced tidal wave, and a full-out manhunt begins.

Chapter 7 manga

Chapter 07.5

This extra manga chapter features a girl named Yuri Izumi who asks for help from two strange twin girls named Nadeshiko and Barako.  Her request?  A love potion that she can give to her crush, Terasaki.  Only some other guy named Nozomi Tsuruda drinks it! What will happen?
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