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  • I live in in the real world, but play in my head.
  • My occupation is creativity.
  • I am happy to be here.

A Bit About Me

I've loved science fiction and fantasy long before it became popular, and anime just "fit" with those interests. So while my newfound hobby simmered, I stayed involved with the X-Files fandom until the end of its prime-time run in 2002. That's when my interest in anime re-ignited and I discovered that online anime websites had proliferated and I could now watch all the anime I desired. I don't claim to be an avid viewer, but I have my favorites and have written well-received fanfiction under different pseuds in several fandoms for over twenty years. My luxartisan stories are best read on Archive of our Own (links below). My account on Tumblr ( no longer posts but is still available for viewing  because my awesome followers insisted. Besides this wiki, I also serve as the Admin/Bureaucrat for the Psycho-Pass and Ouran HS Host Club wikis and have contributed to several anime topics on Wikipedia as "Ouranista."

What else can I say? The Meyers-Briggs personality inventory says I'm INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging), which basically means I like my solitude but can deal with people as needed, I'm insightful about why people do what they do (though it doesn't change their behavior), and while I base my opinions on emotions rather than logic, I make rational decisions, nonetheless). This type represents only 2% of the population and we're called The Counselors.

It's apt, but I've since left that line of work in favor of an early retirement. Less money, less stress. I'm not living La Vida Loca, but La Vida Pacífica suits me fine.

Peace out.

My Ouran fanfiction

Clueless in Ouran - Ouran Academy is an academic powerhouse but its students aren't always smart about matters of the heart. (Book w/some explicit chapters)
Ryukyu Rendezvous - So there they are in Okinawa. Kyoya didn't see it coming. You won't either. (PG humor)
Particles of Light - There are no words adequate for this intimate language of flesh. Only skin can speak to skin and their dialogue is wondrous, poetic and deep. (explicit)
Little Birds - They're young, but not too young. They're in love, and love is all that matters. It's Tamaki's 23rd birthday and Haruhi is the perfect gift. (explicit)
Atelier - The eyes in the painting watch him with the same bright fire he always saw there, challenging him to be someone other than who he pretended to be - someone he'd kept submerged for so long that he'd nearly forgotten who he was. (G drama)

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