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  • I live in in my imagination, much of the time.
  • My occupation is creativity.
  • I am happy to be here.

I've loved science fiction and fantasy long before it became popular, and anime just "fit" with those interests. So while my newfound hobby simmered, I stayed involved with the X-Files fandom until the end of its prime-time run in 2002. That's when my interest in anime re-ignited and I discovered that online anime websites had proliferated and I could now watch all the anime I desired. I don't claim to be an avid viewer, but I have my favorites and have written well-received fanfiction under different pseuds in several fandoms for over twenty years. My luxartisan stories are best read on Archive of our Own (links below).  I post on Tumblr as luxartisan and serve as the admin or admin/bureaucrat for the Psycho Pass, Ouran HS Host Club, Doukyuusei film and Free! wikias. I've also contributed to several anime topics on Wikipedia.

What else can I say? The Meyers-Briggs personality inventory says I'm INFJ, which represents only 2% of the population. It explains a lot. But I say embrace your weirdness because that's what makes you, YOU. Peace out.

My Ouran fanfiction:

Clueless in Ouran - Ouran Academy is an academic powerhouse but its students aren't always smart about matters of the heart.
Ryukyu Rendezvous - So there they are in Okinawa. Kyoya didn't see it coming. You won't either.
Particles of Light - There are no words adequate for this intimate language of flesh. Only skin can speak to skin and their dialogue is wondrous, poetic and deep.
Little Birds - They're young, but not too young. They're in love, and love is all that matters. It's Tamaki's 23rd birthday and Haruhi is the perfect gift.
Atelier - The eyes in the painting watch him with the same bright fire he always saw there, challenging him to be someone other than who he pretended to be - someone he'd kept submerged for so long that he'd nearly forgotten who he was.

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