Hamody Asgail

aka HD, HA, Keyes-Lover

  • I live in Alexandria , Egypt
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am male

Hi my name is Mohamed Faisal but call me hamody , I am a beginner in the anime and this wikia , but don't think I don't have a talent in the wikia thing !

P.S I am friendly but I do not like rude and coarse things .

Haruhi's Fairly Odd Parents

Haruhi's Fairly Odd Parents

Question Time!

Feel free to change it, but here are a few questions to get your user page started!

  • What is your favourite episode?

_ The 1 st.

  • Who is your favourite character?


  • What is your favourite chapter?

_Haven't read the manga.

  • Have you read the manga, watched the anime or watched the live action?

_Anime only.

  • Do you want a second season or are you content with the ways the anime ended?

_When I complete watching the anime first !

  • What's your favourite character song?

_ I prefer the theme and ending songs .

  • Do you watch subbed or dubbed?


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