I just so happen to be an anime addict.... I hate my life and I need to speak to some nice people. P.s. The weirdest people are the ones who try to hide it. ☺️❤️😇

I dont normally talk about my story because it's too long and messed up but i'll try. If you dont like it then tell me and i'll try harder. By the way, none of this is a lie. I promise. :)

When i was one, i was in a car crash. my mom, stepdad and myself were in the car. my stepdad was driving but it wasnt his fault that we crashed. it was winter so the rodes were icey, a car was going really fast and swerved around the corner and his us. my mom broke her ankle, my stepdad has a big cut on his head. since i was little, i hade one of those flip-up carseats. it flipped up and hit me in the face, i have a small dent on my forehead because of it. my mom got hurt the worst, she has screwes in her ankle now. she walks and acts normall now though. after that, my mom and stepdad got divorced because my mom wanted more freedom.

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