Uki Doki Memorial is a dating-sim video game which features six male characters who resemble the Ouran Host Club boys. 


Uki-Doki Memorial! is a popular dating-sim video game mentioned in the Ouran High School Host Club anime and manga series. It is shown in the anime episode, Ep 04 - Attack of the Lady Manager! in which Renge Houshakuji is seen playing incessantly, being smitten with Miyabi Ichijo, one of the video game's main characters. Upon seeing a photograph of Kyoya Ootori and noting how similarly Kyoya resembles Miyabi, Renge promptly decides to go to Japan to meet him. The school depicted in the game resembles the Ouran Academy campus and the school's blazers also have a similar patch.

The six main characters of the video game are:


Miyabi Ichijo



Miyabi is one of the game's main characters whose likeness to Kyoya is truly remarkable, which is why Renge thinks that Kyoya is her "real-life Ichijo Miyabi." The only difference between Miyabi and Kyoya's looks is their hair color. Miyabi and Kyoya's personality, on the other hand, are very different as alluded to by the other Hosts. The Hitachiin are particularly confused when Renge assures them that Kyoya/Miyabi is sweet and gentle when he helps an injured kitten and tends an ignored flower garden.

The Princely Character

The Princely Character in the game resembles Tamaki. Although they share some physical likeness, Renge calls Tamaki a "phony-prince" because he gives his love away too freely. Renge draws upon her knowledge about the "lonely prince" character of the game to give Tamaki his dark side, then proceeds to do the same for each of the Hosts.

The Twins

The Twins are two of the main characters in Uki-Doki Memorial! They do not resemble Ouran's Hitachiin twins except for the fact that they are also twins. The game characters are depicted as emotionally close brothers and excellent basketball players; ergo, Renge casted Hikaru and Kaoru into identical roles for the sake of her movie. One interesting aspect about the twins from the game is that their bangs are styled in the same way the Hitachiin styled their hair in junior high school, while the rest of their coifs are styled similarly to the way the Hitachiin style their hair in high school.

The Small Boy

The Small Boy in the game shares his small stature with Honey, but the boy of the game does have a "dark side," which is why he's a bully. Honey has a bad temper upon being awakened from his naps, but Renge is unaware of this at the time of her movie. Even so, she has Honey portray a bully for the film - a role which he is, ultimately, unable to maintain.

The Tall Boy

The game's tall boy shares his tall stature with Mori, but also the fact that he follows his smaller companion everywhere and looks out for him. They do not resemble one another, but Tall Boy is mentioned to be a childhood friend of Small Boy, just as Mori has been childhood friends with Honey. 



  • The closest video game in real life is called Tokimeki Memorial, developed by Konami and developed for numerous platforms.
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