• Hi! 

    I will search more wikis the next few hours, but here is what I did so far...

    I didn’t pick some anime wikis that the Ouran users has as their favorite, because it’s either their wiki is too big (Like the Avatar Wiki, for instance) or too small (Wikis that doesn’t have active admins and communities; wikis that needs adoption). 

    Some users (like me) decided to hide their favorite wikis on their profile, so I coudn’t see what their favorite wikis is.

    Here, I made a table here that shows the wikis I asked for affiliation and the users that had those wikis as their favorite wiki.

    User that has the wiki as their favorite

    Wiki that we’re asking affiliation with.

    Did they accept the affiliation?


    Soul Eater

    Waiting for reply.


    Skip Beat!







    Waiting for reply.



    Waiting for reply.


    Psycho Pass

    Waiting for reply (?) (Only Admin has been inactive for a year)



    Waiting for reply. (?) (Only Admin has been inactive for three years)

    Mai Is Me


    Waiting for reply.


    Special A


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    • Thanks!

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    • Could we please look into affiliating with some other "classic" animes like:

      Cowboy Bebop


      Vampire Knight (and VKG)

      Hetalia Archives

      Death Note

      and one of my yaoi faves:  Junjou Romantica  (which is classic, imho)

      I noticed Free! on someone's list and that's a Go, as well.

      BTW, the wordmark for Kuroshitsuji is being cut off.  Can you fix the infobox without "rights" to the main page?  Let me know.  I wasn't going to "lock it" but it's a bit too tempting to some to leave open. (I know I tried b4 I was an admin and you corrected me on that.  Do you remember?)  You were right bc you're an admin at another wiki and knew better.  Just let me know if you need "in" temporarily.

      Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk)

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    • Hi! 

      I will ask those wikis to affiliate with us ;)

      For the affilation box, you could actually scroll it, it's a scroll box. I will adjust the height of it to 300px so the Kuroshitsuji wordmark will fit in through Template:Affiliates, so it's alright :D

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    • K

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    • A FANDOM user
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