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Takeshi Kuze (九瀬 猛, Kuze Takeshi) is the captain of the American Football Club who has a lifelong grudge against Kyoya Ootori and he is obsessive about beating him at anything one day. He is engaged to and in love with Kanan Matsuyama.


Kuze is most often shown in his football uniform but can be seen in his Ouran Academy blazer or casual clothes on a few occasions. When the kind yet unattractive student council president fails to meet Renge Houshakuji's expectations of a handsome and evil rival for the Ouran Host Club, Kuze's physical appearance proves to closely match her imaginary villain's. His long, straight nose is a unique feature of his character design. Bisco Hatori jokingly stated that he is "king of the bottom eyelashes" and also pointed out that his haircut looks similar to the twins' when they do not have it gelled up.


Kyoya Ootori

Kuze has had a long-standing feud with Kyoya ever since Kindergarten when Kuze was showing off his knowledge of oranges, his family being influential in the citrus fruit industry. As he tells a group of students that even the orange peels are nutritious, he hands one to Kyoya who warns that the skins might be covered in pesticides. Kuze quickly tries to insist that they are not covered in pesticides since they're from his family's company, but no one listens to him as Kyoya is now confidently explaining the other benefits of oranges and all of the girls are commenting on how cool Kyoya is. Kyoya turns smiling to Kuze and says "Kuze surely knew all that. Right? I hope I didn't talk out of turn." Kuze is very insulted by this and later says, "He not only knifed my sweet 6-year-old-heart, he salted the wound!" which prompts the other members of the Football Club to give him an orange to calm him down.

Kanan Matsuyama

Kanan is Kuze's girlfriend and fiance who are also childhood friends. They are engaged and they have been in love for years. Her family owns the second largest produce importation company in Japan. Kanan thinks Kuze is simple-minded and foolish, but she also says that's what makes him cute. She tries to stop Kuze from constantly challenging Kyoya Ootori because she knows he'll lose every time. She also likes to tease him and can be very harsh, but according to Bisco Hatori, the two are very "lovey-dovey".


  • (Chapter 22 to Kyoya Ootori) You're only a third son, so no matter how much you try, you never can be the heir to the family, can you? No wonder you lick crumbs of glory from the boots of the chairman's son.
  • (Chapter 23) The scent of oranges has a soothing quality, and it rouses the mind. I also recommend you eat the peel. It's loaded with flavonoids. 


  • The name Takeshi means "fierce, rave, rush, become furious, wildness, strength, greatly energetic, ferocious, extreme, severe" (猛).
  • Takeshi's surname Kuze means "nine" (九) (ku) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se/ze).

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  • Takeshi's family owns the largest produce importation business in Japan.