Hi there. I'
Ouran cops
m luxartisan, but usually go by Angelle. I've been the admin for this wiki since 2013 and look forward to working with everyone. Remember to assume good faith on the part of all editors and try to give explanations for edits that you make. If something seems wrong to you or your feelings are offended by anything here, please let me know. I'm sure we can come to an agreeable solution.


1. Your privacy and your behavior is your responsibility in full at all times for everything you post on this wiki. This applies to official pages, personal pages, sandbox pages and DISCORD.

2. It is recommended that new Categories and new Projects be discussed with the admin prior to adding. This is commom courtesy on a wiki and maintains continuity of a wiki's design and vision.

3. Fanart, manipulated official images and non-Ouran related images are disallowed on official pages of the wiki. This is to maintain compliance with copyright laws. You may post these items on your personal page, as long as they are suitable for General Audiences.

4. External links to Wikipedia for explanatory purposes are suggested for technical, geographical, highly specific, or unique terms. Simpler items do not require links. Internal links need only appear the first time they are mentioned in an article. Links to vendor websites are prohibited.

5. Images posted should be .jpg or .png. ALL images must have a "destination" or they will be deleted.

6. This wiki uses American spelling and grammar. Present tense is preferred in written articles. Grammar and spelling are subject to editing.

7. Character names are listed First Name/Last Name except in kanji, where they are presented in the traditional Japanese form of Family Name/Given Name. Spelling of names is taken from VIZ media's publications. For example: Kyouya Ohtori is written as Kyoya Ootori regardless of how it is spelled elsewhere.

8. Spamming and trolling are forbidden. Do so and you will be banned. If you use profanity, you will be asked to amend or delete it. If it is not changed, the words will be deleted by the admin.

9. Courteous and respectful language and behavior is expected of all members towards other members and dissenting opinions at all times. You will have a chance to amend unduly harsh posts, but the window is brief to ensure discussion, not harassment. If left unchanged, the post will be deleted.

10. Enjoy your visit!


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