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Hello. I'm luxartisan, but usually go by Angelle. I've been the admin for this wiki since 2013 and look forward to working with you. Remember to assume good faith on the part of all editors and try to give explanations for your edits. If anything seems wrong to you or your feelings are offended by anything here, please let me know. I'm sure we can come to an agreeable solution. All edits are subject to review/editing.


1. Your privacy and your behavior are your responsibility, at all times, for everything you post on this wiki. This applies to desktop or mobile, all official pages, personal pages, sandbox pages and DISCORD. All opinions are welcome re: wiki content as long as they do not include personal attacks, profanity or visual porn.

2. It is recommended that new Categories and new Projects be discussed with the admin prior to adding. This is commom courtesy, not a mandate. Progressive ideas have been implemented in the past and will continue to be implemented, following discussion, upon mutual consent.

3. Fanart, manipulated official images and unofficial Ouran-related images are not allowed on official pages. This is due to copyright laws. You may post Teen+ appropriate visuals on your personal page.

4. External links to Wikipedia or other websites for explanatory purposes are suggested for technical, geographical, highly specific, or unique terms. Links to vendor websites are prohibited.

5. Images posted should be .jpg or .png. ALL images must have a "destination" or they will be deleted. If possible, provide the source (by format or origin), remove frames, and add copyright clearance tags.

6. This wiki uses American spelling and grammar. Present tense is preferred in written articles.

7. Character names are listed First Name/Last Name except in kanji, where they are presented in the traditional Japanese form of Family Name/Given Name. Spelling of names is taken from VIZ media and is used across all formats, thus Kyouya Ootori is always written as Kyoya Ootori.

8. "Spell out/highlight/link Rule" refers to the way a term in an article links to other articles of the wiki. The first time a character's name appears in an article, it is spelled out/highlighted/linked (except for their own article). After that, only the first name appears. Other areas where names are spelled out/highlighted/linked are Relationship Section character headers, Places (at first mention like Ouran Academy or Ouran), Special Items (at first mention like Ouran Host Club or Host Club), Formats like manga/anime eps (at first mention like Ep 01 - Starting Today, You Are a Host! or an SHL abbreviated version) and Character Navigation. This streamlines the page, reduces scrolling and provides quick links to related pages.

9. Spamming and trolling are forbidden. Do so and you will be banned. Spamming is adding foolish information or silly images. Trolling includes personal attacks, using profanity and posting visual porn. Do either and you will be banned.

10. Enjoy your visit!


Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk)

Updated 5/23/20

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