Sprint is the third title in rock band LAST ALLIANCE's third album, Me and Your Borderline. It also featured as the first ending theme of the anime series in Ouran Highschool Host Club.

Music Video

Ouran High School Host Club Ending Theme

Ouran High School Host Club Ending Theme

Ouran High School Host Club - Ending

Ouran High School Host Club - Ending


五千マイル走って 息を切らして
アドレナリン百リットル 五体全てフル稼働


変わり果てた白さ 変われない弱さ

偽りはないぜ 覚悟決めてるぜ



ゴールは無いぜ 折り返しも無いぜ

Let's return those bitter days 開けてみないか?

休んでもいいぜ 俺は知ってるぜ


Gosen MAIRU hashitte Iki o kirashite
ADORENARIN hyaku RITTORU Gotai subete FURU kadou

Koko made kureba ii darou? Doko made ga OK?
Machi o irodoru kigi wa moyougae kurikaeshiteru

Kawari hateta shirosa Kawarenai yowasa
Ima koko ni iru jibun o shinjitai

Migite hidarite furikazashite yami o kirisaite GO!
Itsuwari wa nai ze Kakugo kimeteru ze
SUTAATO kitta sono shunkan kara sekai wa hirogaru sa

Mabataki o kurikaesu furuku iroaseta gaitou ni michibikare itsumo no kaerimichi o yuku

Sabireta machi ni natsukashii kaze ga fuki
Oi kaze ni natte senaka osunda

Namida kareru made sono akirame mune ni shimatte STOP!
GOORU wa nai ze Orikaeshi mo nai ze
Kaze o kitte kakenukeru kagiri nai shissou

Let's return those bitter days Aketeminai ka?
Yume tojikometa PANDORA no hako o

Sente gote dochira tote KOMA susumerya banji OK!
Yasun demo ii ze Ore wa shitteru ze
Koko made no PUROSESU sore ga kimi no akashi sa

Migite hidarite Furikazashite yami o kirisaite GO!

I'm out of breath after running 5000 miles
With 100 litres of adrenaline, my body's working at full capacity

Is coming this far good enough? How far will it be okay?
The pattern of the town's trees is getting repetitive

The whiteness that has changed, the weakness that hasn't
I want to believe in the me that's here and now

Hold your left and right hands above your head and pierce through the darkness, go!
There's no lies! I've decided it!
As soon as you cross the starting line the world will open up to you!

Flickering over and over until they fade away
The ancient streetlights lead me on my usual way

A nostalgic wind blows through this rusty town
It becomes a tailwind that pushes my back forward

Until your tears dry up , get rid of that resignation in your heart, stop!
There is no goal! There's no coming back!
Eternally sprinting, cutting through the wind

Let's return those bitter days; can you open it?
Your dreams are locked inside Pandora's box

Whether you make the first or second move, you must move forward, okay!
It's good to rest a bit, I know that
The process of how I've made it up to here is your proof

Hold out your left and right hands above your head and pierce through the darkness, go!

I run and run a thousand miles, and I am barely breathing.
Only the fuel of a passionate heart keeps this body strong and moving forward.
Could it be I found a place to rest? How far until I'm OK?
Trees of the town reveal the time has come once again to shift our shade and colors.

The world always changes around us but weakness will always remain;
Through all the pain, believe in who we are right here and now!

Raise one hand to the sky; raise them both lift them high!!
And you'll cut through the darkness make it go!
The time to start is now! And I can show you how.
Start with me, and the world will be even bigger than ever before.

The road that's gonna take me home tonight is just the same as always^
Led by the brink up all the way of the flicker from the streetlamps fading.

The town's falling down all around me, yields to a breeze I felt before,
and now I'm sure it's blowing at my back and guiding me.

In my heart will be where I will keep this despair
'Till the tears all dry up and finally stop!
No goal has been found but we're not turning around;
I'm tearing through that old wind I knew, running and not slowing down.

Those bitter days are calling for you and me to love.
Do you not want to open no more strings and bonds that hold our dreams?

You can choose to go first, you can choose to go last;
Just as long as you move, you'll be OK,
And we'll still let you go, and you can bet I know
That where and how that is learnt 'til now is leading each step of the way.

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