Reynard Houshakuji is the father of Renge Houshakuji and a business associate of Yoshio Ootori.  He is seen in Ep 04 - Attack of the Lady Manager! briefly, when he shows his Uki-Doki Memorial! obsessed daughter a photograph in which Kyoya Ootori appears. 


Reynard is a high-level business executive whose family is of substantial wealth and influence.  He indulges (or ignores) his daughter by allowing her to sit in front of a screen playing dating-sim video games all day. Upon his return from a business trip to Japan, he shows her a photograph of the Ootori family men, featuring Kyoya, who just so happens to look like her dating-sim dream guy, Miyabi Ichijo. Renge is immediately infatuated and flies to Japan to meet Kyoya, declaring herself to be his fianceé. She doesn't give her father a choice in letting her go, but he does allow her to stay at Ouran Academy, even for college. Reynard lives in Paris and is an important business client of The Ootori Group. For that reason, and that reason only, Kyoya tells the members of the Host Club to tolerate the headstrong, rude and bossy girl when she first meets them.

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