Reiko Kanazuki is a Class 1-D student at Ouran Academy, and a member of the Black Magic Club. She has a crush on Honey, and says that he stole her "soul" rather than her heart. For that reason, she wants to "curse" him with a love spell; however, due to her shyness and spooky personality, the Host Club initially thinks that she means Honey harm. After some words from Honey, Reiko decides to try to overcome her shyness and backs off on the black magic a bit. From then on, she becomes a regular at the Host Club.

In Chapter 71 of the manga, Reiko is seen eating cake in the cafeteria with Honey outside of Host Club hours, hinting at a continued relationship which is later confirmed. In April 2011, a short story special chapter in LaLa Magazine reveals that Reiko and Honey eventually get married.

She's the second member of the Black Magic Club to be named, after Nekozawa.


Reiko is of average height and certainly taller than Honey, though her exact height is not mentioned. She has average length, straight dark hair, cut into layers that frame her face. She wears the typical Ouran uniform for girls in her appearances in the manga, though she dons a darker dress when she's with the Black Magic Club.


Mitsukuni Haninozuka (aka Honey)

Hani and reiko

Reiko hugs her crush, Honey

Reiko Kanazuki first develops romantic feelings towards Honey when she trips over Usa-Chan in the hallway and he offers her his hand, the first nice thing anybody has done for her in a while. She becomes obsessed with him, casting cursers and spells on him to "capture his soul," for she believes he has captured hers. At first, Honey is a bit scared, but as Kanazuki starts following him around and spending more time with him, he realizes that casting spells and curses is her way of communicating, as she is socially inept and doesn't know how to express her feelings otherwise. He also realizes that Kanazuki doesn't have many friends. He explains to Kanazuki, who has an obvious crush on him, that the easier way to express her feelings and "capture another's soul" is by talking to them, and that if she speaks more about her likes and dislikes, he'll want to know more about her. He says he likes people who put in the effort, so Kanazuki starts to attend Host Club and the two get to know each other better. Their relationship escalates when Honey realizes that they are both obsessed with their hobbies (Kanazuki's being black magic, Honey's being cake and sweets) and they work at improving themselves together.
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