Following the Chapter 83 finale, several special chapters, aka Omake, were published in Lala Special Magazine to give glimpses into the characters' lives after the events of the main series.


Volume 18 Extra

Eight months after the main storyline, Tamaki and Haruhi have a movie night.  There is also a series of "sneak peeks" into the futures of various characters.

Volume 18 Extras

2010 December Special

Two months after the main storyline, Haruhi makes a shocking discovery about Honey's loli-shota image.

December special 2011

2011 January Special

Three months after the main storyline, Kyoya is called to Spain to escort Nanako Shouji, a marriage prospect for his older brother, Akito. Nanako, however, is prepared to go to great lengths to avoid the marriage.

Ch jan 2011

2011 July Special

Two years after the main storyline, Mei is studying fashion at a women's college.  When the twins bail as her models for an upcoming show, Kasanoda is forced to take their place.


2011 August Special

Two years after the main storyline, while Kyoya is studying abroad, a ghost appears at Ouran University that bears an eerie resemblance to him.

August special 2011