The Newspaper Club is three people strong and notorious for printing scandalous and unreliable news about school romances and competing families.  Because of their horrible reputation, the "Ou Spot" newspaper sales rate schoolwide is only 1% including the copies they buy for themselves.  Club president Akira Komatsuzawa believes that the purpose of the Host Club is for Tamaki to publicly flaunt his power as a Suoh and son of the chairman.  After their failed article on Tamaki, the club promises to publish only honest and proper articles to avoid being shut down.

In Volumes 10-11, the club's headlines fuel the student body's interest in the face-off between Tamaki and Kyoya at the school sports festival, and similarly during the Chapter 72 duel between Honey and Mori.

Their headlines appear several other times throughout the manga.

While the Newspaper Club does not meet much success with their scheming ways and gossip stories that make no sense, the Host Club shows them otherwise and they have a change of heart, particularly the Club President Akira Komatsuzawa.