Kanako Kasugazaki is the childhood friend/fiance of Toru Suzushima and the recipient of Haruhi Fujioka's first kiss.  


Kanako is initially the subject of discussion within the Host Club because she's well-known for changing her choice of favorite host on a regular basis, (dubbed "host-hopping") the usual practice being for a girl to designate a favorite host on a permanent basis. They learn, however, that she's only doing this to spite Toru (Kanako's fiance), who doesn't pay much attention to her. When Tamaki Suoh gets wind of their situation, he insists on reuniting the estranged pair.  At the Dance Party held in Ep 02 - The Job of a High School Host!, Haruhi Fujioka is "disguised" as a girl who pretends to have a crush on Toru to see what his reaction will be. To his credit, Toru rejects Haruhi's advances and chases after Kanako, who sees them together and assumes the worst.  At the end of the Dance Party, Kanako is dubbed Queen and receives an accidental kiss on the mouth from Haruhi.  It should be noted that in the manga, Haruhi kisses a different girl. She also makes a cameo appearance as the Dodo in Ep 13 - Haruhi in Wonderland! where she waits patiently (in a teacup) for her love to return from his study year abroad.



  • (Chapter 1, to Haruhi) You are cuter than I heard. I decided. I'll let you be my favorite.


  • Her name Kanako means "play music, complete" (奏) (kana) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kanako and Toru promised to get married as children when they were looking at tea cups.
  • Kanako used to have the "Host-hopping disease."

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