The term Host-Hopping disease is a Host Club invention, which the Hitachiin twins also call the Never-the-same-boy-twice disease and which the manga calls the Fickle Female disease. The affliction refers to Host Club guests who tend to change their minds about who their favorite Host is on a regular basis, thus "hopping" from boy to boy seeking resolution to their dissatisfaction.  Typically, guests choose a single Host who they visit and chat with as their "favorite;" Tamaki having the most followers.

The only guest who has ever been deemed to have the "disease" is Kanako Kasugazaki.  It's not revealed how many Hosts have been her favorite since coming to Club, nor in what order.  It is known that her most recent choice is Tamaki, the "King" of the club with a 70% request rate.  In The Job of a High School Host! Kanako meets Haruhi and changes her mind yet again to "hop" from Tamaki to the "natural" Host and Club rookie.  Her Host-hopping days are ended, however, when the Host Club intervenes and helps her reunite with her childhood friend and current fiancé, Toru Suzushima.  Yet, even after Toru leaves to study abroad to better himself for Kanako's sake, she continues to visit the Host Club from time to time. 

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