Hina Kamishiro is Shiro Takaoji's crush who leaves Japan when her father is accepts a job in Germany


Hina is shown to be a very sweet and nice girl as seen when she asks Shiro to play the piano with her, because she truly respects and thinks highly of Shiro. This is also seen when she agreed to the invitation from the Host Club for a recital with Shiro.


Hina is normally seen wearing the Ouran Academy 's elementary schooler girls uniform. Hina has a fair skin with round amber brown eyes. She has quite long hair with pigtails and a yellow bow in it. Her height is just average for a normal 5th grader. 


Hina Kamashiro seems to love the playing the piano, and she is seen to be very good at playing it. Shiro loves listening to her play and although she often invites Shiro to join her, he refuses as he would rather just listen to her.


Shiro Takaoji

Hina is Shiro's crush, as seen in Ep 06 - The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type, during which Shiro asks Tamaki for instruction on how to make women happy, becasue he wants to make Hina happy before she leaves for Germany. Hina seems to respect and think highly of Shiro as she invites him to play with her but Shiro usually just listens.  Haruhi is the one who notices that Shiro's request to learn how to make women happy is really about making one girl happy; and when Tamaki says to Shiro that Hina looked like she wanted nothing more than to play the piano with him, Shiro agrees. Tamaki then takes the boy under his wing, working with him endlessly to perfect his playing a four-hand piece he can play with Hina.  The young girl is invited to a special concert where, it turns out, she is one of the performers along with Shiro who, at long last, feels confident enough to play the four-hand piece with her as his farewell gift.  Later on, it's revealed that Shiro remains in contact with Hina via email, but that he considers her too possessive, especially after he begins coming to Host Club and meeting with guests.


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