Guilty Beauty Love is Tamaki's character song, and is sung by Tamaki's voice actor, Miyano Mamoru. This song is also included in the official Soundtracks & Character Song Collections.

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Guilty Beauty Love Tamaki Suoh (Japanese)

Guilty Beauty Love Tamaki Suoh (Japanese)

Guilty Beauty Love Tamaki Suoh

Guilty Beauty Love Tamaki Suoh


罪は 神が僕を 美しく創ったこと
君の瞳に 映った僕が いけないのさ
罰は 僕が愛に 満たされ過ぎてること

扉開き踏み出して 夢の世界へいらっしゃいませ
君をエスコート跪き 手へと くちづけ
恥らう女神さえ振り向いたLUCKY GUY
疲れたココロ 癒すから

罪は 僕が触れる ものすべて 恋に落ちて
HEART 奪われた 君は全然 悪くないさ
罰は 僕が愛を 無限大 奉げること
それでも 君は僕に触れてしまうだろう

夜に浮かぶ月が僕 抱き寄せ燃える君は太陽
二人巡りあい眩し過ぎ 影は できない
情熱の花束を贈ったら Cutie Lady
ここでは君は いつもHeroine

罪は 神が僕に この唇くれたこと
君を夢へと 誘った僕が いけないのさ
罰は 僕に愛が 降り注ぎ過ぎること

Tsumi wa kami ga boku wo utsukushiku tsukutta koto
Kimi no hitomi ni utsutta boku ga ikenai no sa
Batsu wa boku ga ai ni mitasare sugiteru koto
Soredemo boku wa kimi wo aishite shimau darou

Tobira hiraki fumidashite yume no sekai e irasshaimase
Kimi wo esukooto hizamadzuki te e to kuchidzuke
Hajirau megami sae furimuita LUCKY GUY
Tsukareta kokoro iyasu kara

Tsumi wa boku ga fureru monosubete koi ni ochite
Heart ubawareta kimi wa zenzen warukunai sa
Batsu wa boku ga ai wo mugendai sasageru koto
Soredemo kimi wa boku ni furete shimau darou

Yoru ni ukabu tsuki ga boku dakiyose moeru kimi wa taiyou
Futari meguri ai mabushisugi kage wa dekinai
Jounetsu no hanataba wo okuttara Cutie lady
Koko de wa kimi wa itsumo Heroine

Tsumi wa kami ga boku ni kono kuchibiru kureta koto
Kimi wo yume e to sasotta boku ga ikenai no sa
Batsu wa boku ni ai ga furisosogi sugiru koto
Soredemo kimi wa boku ni hikarete shimau darou

The crime is that God created me beautifully
I'm wrong to be reflected in your eyes
The punishment is that, I'm overfilled with love
Nevertheless, I'll still love you right?
Guilty Beauty Love

Open the door, take a step forward and welcome to the world of your dreams
I'll escort you, kneel and kiss your hand
Even a shy goddess, looked back at the Lucky Guy
Because I'll heal your tired heart

The crime is that everything I touch falls in love
It's completely not your fault
The punishment is that I infinitely offer up love
Nevertheless you'll still touch me, right?
Guilty Beauty Love

The moon appearing at night is me and you, who embraces and burns, are the sun
We meet and it's so blindingly bright that shadows can't form
When I deliver a bouquet of Passion, Cutie Lady
Here, you're always a Heroine

The crime is that God gave me a pair of lips
And I who lured you into a dream cannot follow
The punishment is that I am overflowing with love
Nevertheless, you'll still find me charming, right?

What a crime, such a beautiful crime, that God would make a star as bright as I,
And I know it's a disgrace to admire this perfect face reflected in your eyes;
So, it's right that I suffer tonight all the pain of all the passion inside,
But my heart can not deny what I'm feeling inside that makes me long for you.
Guilty Beauty Love

Take my hand. Take the key. You can open the door.
Take a step. Take a chance. Now you'll find there's so much more.
There's a world you've dreamed of, and, if you'll allow, let me escort you there.
I kneel before you, kiss your hand to tell you I'm a lucky guy.
Look back, and know that I can heal your tired heart.

What a crime, such a breath-taking crime, everything I touch can't help but fall in love.
In this cruel romantic game, there's no way that you're to blame for your stolen heart.
So, I'll say that the price I must pay is to offer up my heart forever;
Just don't take away your touch 'cause it means so much to feel your hand in mine.
Guilty Beauty Love

In the sky, you and I are floating in space, I, the moon, you, the sun, locked in beautiful embrace;
Heavenly bodies come together so blindingly bright they chase away the night.
What I bring you I hope delights you, a bouquet of passion cutie lady;
Be sure that here with me, you'll always save the day.

What a crime, such a wonderful crime, that God would choose to make such lips as mine.
It was wrong but all the same, I invited, and you came into this dream with me.
So, my price is to gaze in your eyes and to feel more love than I can contain;
Even so, it's fair to say I still found a way to cast my spell on you.
Guilty Beauty Heart

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