Doctor Yabu is seen in Ep 03 - Beware the Physical Exam! looking for his estranged daughter, mistakenly believing that she's a student at Ouran Academy when she is actually a student at Ouran Public High School.  He comes to Ouran on the day of Class 1-A's annual school physical exams and when he tries to ask a female student if she has seen his daughter, the girl misinterprets his actions, becomes upset and tells everyone that he's harassing her.  The Host Club becomes involved when they learn that he's headed towards the special clinic where Haruhi is undergoing her unique examination.  Upon meeting the disheveled doctor and hearing his sad story, Tamaki is touched and insists that the club help him locate his daughter.  He is seen in the manga and the live-action drama with the same plotline.

A humorous note is that Yabu means "quack," something Hikaru and Kaoru find ironic for a doctor.


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