Chizuru Maihara is the Vice-president of the Zuka Club and is known as "The Lady of the Lily of the Valley."  Like the other members of the Zuka Club's ruling council (Benio Amakusa and Hinako Tsuwabuki) she is shown to have a number of fans.  Outwardly, Chizuru is the most placid member of the ruling council, but this counts for nothing; she never objects to any of the Club's plans, but rather assists and makes things worse.  Chizuru believes that all men are a lower form of life and found the Host Club's reaction to her immunity to their charms rather amusing.


Chizuru has long, wavy, light brown hair with dark brown eyes. She has a pale skin and she's taller than Haruhi. She is most often seen wearing the standard Lobelia Girls' Academy uniform.



  • Chizuru's nickname, "Suzuran," is derived from her title in the Zuka Club (The Lady of the Lily), which is a literal translation.
  • Chizuru's height might be 5'6" being taller than Hinako but shorter than Benio.