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This is Chapter 63 from the Ouran High School Host Club manga series.


Chapter Summary

A young Tamaki Suoh hides in the garden, worried about his mother. His father appears with gifts. Tamaki runs to him crying over his mother's sickness. His father, Yuzuru Suoh, soothes him, reassuring him that his mother will be alright and promises that one day they will all be together.

Present day January, Tamaki awakens to Antoinette licking him. He reasons that he fell asleep while trying to study, but was exhausted from too much celebrating. Like every other year, Tamaki has not been invited to the main mansion for the New Year's celebration. He begins to ponder his "family," his father's promise, his grandmother's reluctance to acknowledge him and Hikaru Hitachiin's statement about the Ouran Host Club not being a family but close regardless. Suddenly, Tamaki remembers that the Host Club is going to do a New Year's shrine visit. He rushes to have his driver, Koganei, drive him to Asakusa.

Tamaki greets the other Host Club members and Mei Yasumura. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin remark that he's late. As the group wanders, Tamaki becomes stressed by the recent events (Hikaru's confession, his trauma and studying the family business). To cheer him up, Hikaru suggests they play a game: Whoever-Finds-the-Item-Haruhi-Likes-Best-within-Asakusa's-Nakamise-Dori-Wins Game. Kaoru declares that he has no intentions of losing while Hikaru provokes Tamaki to answer what kind of love he has for Haruhi Fujioka. The members agree to a budget of $10 US and a time limit of one hour. Mei goes along as an advisor.

Mei reveals that Haruhi does not have an appetite and says that it's because of Hikaru and her being in love. She apologizes for her insensitivity towards Hikaru's rejection. He asks how Mei knows about the rejection. She replies, the information network (a relay of information from Kaoru to Kyoya Ootori, Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka, Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka and then herself). Hikaru resolves to not give up and continues to provoke Tamaki to realize his own feelings.

Haruhi discovers Tamaki as she is buying a snack which they then share. Tamaki brings up Hikaru's rejection which surprises Haruhi. She admits that his confession has made her doubt herself and realize how obtuse she can be. She questions if she will make a good lawyer. Tamaki responds that Haruhi is great at seeing the important things (not laughing at him for seeing his mother in Princess Michelle and encouraging him to follow his dreams) and advises her to believe in herself and act with confidence. Tamaki gives her a giant ootoro ring. Haruhi comments that the ring is ridiculous, but makes her worries disappear.

After nearly kissing Haruhi, Tamaki tries to address his trauma. He starts to tell her that they are not a family. He continues with, "to you, Haruhi, who sincerely regarded me as a father…." His words anger Haruhi. She retorts that she never thought of Tamaki as a father and runs off. While distancing herself, she sees a woman she believes is Yuko Kosaka. However, before she can find out, she is grabbed and her ootoro ring falls to the ground.

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