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This is Chapter 62 from the Ouran High School Host Club manga series.


Chapter Summary

Hikaru Hitachiin confesses that he likes Haruhi Fujioka and asks if she will go out with him. Before Haruhi can respond Hikaru quickly explains that she doesn't need to respond immediately and admits that he isn't ready to hear her response. He assures her that he will be happy if she likes him just a bit.

Hikaru leaves and runs into the other Ouran Host Club members. Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka, seeing Hikaru's flushed face, asks if he is okay. A frantic Tamaki Suoh arrives concerned about Hikaru's health. Hikaru tells Tamaki that he confessed his love for Haruhi. The other members, particularly Kaoru Hitachiin, are shocked. Hikaru further confesses that Haruhi did not give him a response and that he will do his best and urges Tamaki to do his.

In their hotel room, Tamaki tries to sort out his "trauma." Kyoya Ootori tells Tamaki about the year-end party the twins are hosting at their mansion. Tamaki wonders what answer Haruhi will give Hikaru and what Hikaru meant by "try your best." With his chest hurting again, Tamaki tells himself that he "just wants everyone to stay together like a family."

At the Hitachiin mansion, Hikaru tries to keep Tamaki occupied by insisting he entertain the party guests. Mei Yasumura and Haruhi have a hard time socializing while some guests wonder if the two are together. When Haruhi tells apprehensive Mei to socialize without her, Mei criticizes her for being obtuse and "utterly apathetic." Haruhi admits she has been obtuse to love. Kaoru tells her Hikaru wants to see her.

Haruhi apologizes and tells Hikaru she cannot got out with him. The sudden answer leaves Hikaru weak. She thanks Hikaru for being a good friend and admits the Host Club has opened up her world. Hikaru questions if she is in love with Tamaki stating that "it's obvious by the way she acts." Shocked, Haruhi answers that she respects him, but thinks he would be a handful. Hikaru playfully says he still has a chance.

Tamaki asks Mei for Haruhi's whereabouts. Hikaru appears and grabs Tamaki into a room to tell him Haruhi turned him down. He continues to apologize to Tamaki for ruining the happy atmosphere and that their friendship isn't weak nor is the Host Club's bound to get past their issue. He again urges Tamaki to confront his feelings.

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