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This is Chapter 20 of the Ouran High School Host Club manga series.


Chapter Summary

With Kaoru Hitachiin's brewing plan to patch things up for Hikaru Hitachiin, Hikaru and Haruhi have no choice but to go on a date together during their stay in Karuizawa. Hikaru is ticked off about having to escort Haruhi around, and Haruhi is equally puzzled as to why Kaoru suddenly caught a cold, but the two decide to have the date anyway. Meanwhile, the Ouran Host Club is seen hanging around, surprisingly well-disguised. When Tamaki Suoh asks Kaoru what the whole thing is about, Kaoru misunderstands and bluntly responds that they're going to tail the couple, setting Tamaki off into a fit of rage as he moans about the prospect of Haruhi being on her first date and how cute she looks with her makeover.

Tamaki's jealousy makes quite a scene and the Host Club barely avoids detection by Hikaru and Haruhi. To alleviate Tamaki's anxiety, Kaoru explains why he decided to rig the date, stating that Hikaru and himself never really cared about anyone before, but Hikaru is childish and still can't understand his self-centered behavior. Therefore, he wants to use the date to make Hikaru realize his immaturity and learn the basics of human interaction. With that, Kaoru threatens the Host Club, claiming that if they try to interfere with the date, they're dead. Then, with a

Honey's Ice Cream Cart

touch of typical Kaoru, he drags the Host Club along to spy on the date just the same. Tamaki takes note of the ominous weather as storm clouds approach.

Hikaru and Haruhi are deciding where to go. Hikaru's suggestions are shot down by Haruhi, and the two

Hikaru and Haruhi shopping together

have trouble agreeing. When snaps at Haruhi, she remarks that he's being snippy. Hikaru silences himself and sits beside Haruhi in a funk. Tamaki is happy that the date is un-romantic, making ridiculous suggestions that Kyoya Ootori rejects. Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka takes matters into his own hands and walks by the stewing couple dressed up as an ice cream vendor. Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka quickly drags Honey away after Haruhi buys a cone.

As Hikaru is about to take a bite from Haruhi's cone, Tamaki, dressed up as a shop owner, shoves Hikaru away and sticks a different cone in Haruhi's hand, claiming to be generous when, in fact, he's trying to prevent an "indirect kiss." Haruhi vanishes again, only to turn up buying pickled yams. This angers Hikaru until Haruhi explains that she wants to buy something for "sick" Kaoru after which they shop for Hikaru's ill brother. The Host Club comments that once they stop spying, the couple starts to get along and have fun.

As the couple is shopping, Haruhi comments nervously that she thinks she hears something. Hikaru brushes it off, stating that it simply looks like it might rain. Hikaru asks Haruhi if she wants to go home now and she nods without explaining her fear of thunder. Just as Hikaru is about to hail a cab, Arai shows up and offers to take them home. Haruhi hastily accepts, but Hikaru is still jealous of Arai and runs off in a snit. 

Back at the pension, the Host Club is wondering about the date, with Honey worried that they've gotten stranded and Kyoya reassuring that they're probably on their way home. Kaoru then gets a phone call from Hikaru asking for a car and the Host Club is relieved

Hikaru comforting Haruhi

until Kaoru inquires about Haruhi. Tamaki grabs the phone and demands to know her whereabouts. Hikaru replies that she's probably on her way home now, with Arai. Tamaki orders Hikaru to find her and when Hikaru tries to brush him off, Tamaki scolds him for his nerve to leave a girl in the rain, caring only for himself. With genuine ire, Tamaki informs Hikaru that Haruhi is afraid of thunder, causing a shocked Hikaru to run back to where he last saw Haruhi. He begins a frantic search that ends when he spies a church with an open door. There, he finds Haruhi curled up under a table, crying in fear. He whips off the altar cloth and wraps it around the girl, setting his headphones playing music on her head. He then wraps his arm around Haruhi, comforting her as she falls asleep. 

Hikaru carries a sleeping Haruhi back to the pension and, later, Kyoya and Kaoru discuss the day's events. Kyoya asks Kaoru if he's considered the possibility that Hikaru might fall in love with Haruhi, but Kaoru says that Hikaru is still too stupid for that. Kyoya agrees, stating that the Host Club is full of idiots.

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