This is the transcript for Chapter 1.


  • SFX =Special Effect
  • (*) = actions
  • italicized text = thoughts
  • bold text = page number, narrator, speaker


Page 1

Narration: Top floor of the south campus, end room in the corridor; unused and unattended music room.

Haruhi: *walking* There are four libraries in this school, why is it so noisy everywhere? If you don’t feel like studying just go home! Are they a bunch of carefree, bored students?

Sign: Third Music Room

Haruhi: This is probably the only place left that’s quiet. *opens the door*

Page 2

Narration: When I opened the door, there was the Ouran Highschool Host Club.

Male Hosts: Welcome ♡

Page 3

Haruhi: *surprised* what the heck is this beautiful group…

Hikaru and Kaoru: Oh it’s just a guy. No fun.

Tamaki: Hey. Watch your mouth. He is our important guest even he is a guy.

Tamaki: Welcome to the Ouran Host Club, rare scholarship student, Haruhi Fujioka-kun!

Haruhi: How.. How did you know?

Page 4

Narration: Ouran Academy is first about pedigree an second about money. Rich people have free time.

Ouran Student #1: Oh my, you’re going to Paris this weekend?

Ouran Student #2: Please do come to my second house in Canada…

Narration: Thus, the host club was created by six beautiful with a lot of free time to serve those female students with a lot of free time. It is a luxuriant recreation for a super-rich school.

Kyoya: It seems the tone of our school doesn’t fit for commoners. So if you don’t have a lot of nerve, you can’t get a scholarship here.

Page 5

Kyoya: If I didn’t know about you, I shouldn’t be in this school, right?

Sign on Haruhi: Commoner with a lot of nerve

Haruhi: Yeah. Thank you for explaining so kindly.

SFX: Hug Tamaki: Yes!! So to you speak, you are a hero, Fujioka-kun!!

SFX: Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle

Tamaki: Welcome to the luxuriant world, oh poorest person. Even if you are the top student, you are also the poorest student of the school. People will call you a weed and you will be despised as a lower person!! Yes you probably will be!!

Haruhi: Wait, you don’t have to... Say that much.

Tamaki: Don’t worry I praise the poorest! What the important is to the hero of the reckless spirit!!

Tamaki: I cannot believe the rumoured student is gay.

Haruhi: Huh?

Tamaki: What would you like? Wild? Lolita? Pedophile? Or…

Page 6

SFX: Shiver

Tamaki: Would you like to try me?

Haruhi: YUCK!

Haruhi: You misunderstood me. I just…

Honey: Haru-chan ♡ Are you a hero? I want to hear the story when you saved the queen. ♡

Haruhi: *snap* Who gave you permission to call me Haru-chan!? Haruhi: Anyway, I was just looking for somewhere quiet.

Honey: *sobs* Haru-chan got mad at me..

Mori: *pats Honey*

Haruhi: *walking backwards* please excuse…


SFX: Crack

Scene: Rune vase breaking

Hikaru: Oh no. The rune vase was supposed to be featured in the school auction.

Kaoru: What are we going to do? We were going to start the bidding at eight million yen.

Haruhi: Eight.. Eight million…

Haruhi: I’ll pay it bac-

Hikaru and Kaoru: Can you? You can’t even buy your own uniform. What’s with that lame clothing you’re wearing?

Haruhi: This… is my dad’s. I couldn’t find anything else that looked like a uniform.

Kyoya: What would you like to do, Tamaki?

Tamaki: Do you know this proverb, Fujioka-kun?


SFX: Changes his attitude 180 degrees

Tamaki: When in Rome, do as the romans do… if you don’t have money, pay with your own body!!!

Tamaki: From now on, you are the Host Club’s dog!

Haruhi: UGHRH.


Scene: The hosts stare at the frozen Haruhi, spirit coming out from her. Honey: Waa!~ Hikaru and Kaoru: Here goes a spirit…

Narration: It’s so cruel, mother. After you left, 10 years of hard life with father who spends too much. In school, I tried my best to reach…

Scene: The music room filled with the guests

Tamaki’s Guest #1: Take me during the summer, Tamaki-kun?

Tamaki: Anywhere you want.

Tamaki’s Guest #2: What is your favourite music, Tamaki-kun?

Tamaki: Whatever you favor.

Tamaki’s Guest #3: I baked a cake today. Would you please eat some?


Tamaki: If you feed me...

Note: Tamaki Suoh, Second-year Highschool student Class A (Host Club King)

Guest #3: Oh my, Tamaki-kun...

Haruhi: *disgusted*

Scene: The twins talking to the guests

Hikaru: And this guy formatted the data he made overnight when he was half asleep.

Twins’ Guest: Hahaha! How Cute, Kaoru-kun!

Kaoru: Hikaru! That’s..!!

Hikaru: And he cried and panicked to me-

Kaoru: *shouts* Hikaru! Kaoru:*sobs* you are cruel… In front of everyone… Telling that story…

Hikaru: Kaoru…

Hikaru: *holds up Kaoru’s face* I’m so sorry Kaoru, it’s just that you were so cute that time…

Kaoru: Hikaru…

Note: Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, First-year Highschool students Class A


Scene: Tamaki shamelessly flirting, the twins doing their act. Kyoya and Haruhi on the background.

Twins’ Guest: Beautiful Brotherly Love!!

Haruhi: I don’t quite understand… Why do girls rejoice with tears?

Kyoya: Our motto is to make use of each of our customer’s needs. By the way, Tamaki is our best.

Haruhi: *looks at the request data* What? THAT guy is number one? Yuck! Geh, his request rate is 70%?

Note: 7 out of 10 people request Tamaki

SFX: Smile

Kyoya: You will be taking of the chores for quite a while… Run away, if you want… But I have an excellent staff at home… Do you have a passport? 

Note: Kyoya Ootori, Second year Highschool student Class A (Ouran Host Club Vice President)

Haruhi: A devil's smile.

Tamaki: *blows Haruhi’s ear* He’s right. Work hard for the eight million yen, Fujioka-kun. You won’t be popular if you are like that!

Haruhi: Please don’t do that.

Tamaki: Oh? It’s one of my best techniques.

Haruhi: I’m not interested in that kind of thing…


Haruhi: Besides it doesn’t really matter does it? Guy, girl or appearance. I don’t understand why this kind of club exists. It’s what on inside that matter, right?

Tamaki: Well, true…

Tamaki: *does a dramatic pose* It is so barbarous… God sometimes creates human with perfect bodies and its contents… It’s not that I meant to brag about it..

SFX: Tired of it

Haruhi: ARGH. This guy..

Tamaki: I know you need to tell yourself that…!! Otherwise you could live with yourself.

Tamaki: *blabs* Why is there art in a museum? Yes…to show off beautiful things is the duty of those who were born beautiful…Therefore, I’m beautiful and found this club with those hungers, and I don’t skimp in my efforts to pursue that beauty…

Haruhi: *How to say this… Troublesome… Not that word… Something more like…*

Haruhi: Oh! I know! Tamaki: Ah!! You’ve understood…

Haruhi: *puts her finger on Tamaki’s mouth* It’s annoying.

Background: The twins looking over to Tamaki and Haruhi


Page 13

Scene: Haruhi looking over at Tamaki who is sulking in the corner while the twins laughing out loud.

Hikaru: *laughing* You’re strong after all! ~ Commoner with a lot of nerve!

Kaoru: *laughing* There aren’t many people who could hurt him that much!!

Haruhi:*I made him so depressed…I just said what I thought.*

Haruhi: Excuse me, Suoh-sempai

Tamaki: “KING.”

Tamaki: I go by that here. Otherwise, I don’t know you!!

Haruhi: Alright, Ki-

Hikaru and Kaoru: *walks over to Tamaki* You’re blocking the way, sir. Don’t just slack off from work, Tono.

Note: Tono means lord in older areas. Nobody calls him “King”.

Kyoya: Tamaki, you have customers waiting in line.

SFX: Click

Honey: Sorry, we are late ~

Note: Mitsukuni Haninozuka, Third year Highschool student Class A, Takashi Morinozuka, Third year Highschool student Class A

Page 14

Scene: Two guests greeting Honey and Mori Mori and Honey’s

Guest #1 and #2: Honey-kun! Mori-kun! We were waiting for you!

Honey: *mumbles* I’m still kinda sleepy…

Mori and Honey’s Guest #1: Wahh!

Haruhi: Is he really a third year high school student? I thought somebody from elementary school was here…And that scary face guy hasn’t said a single word yet…

Note on Tamaki: Nobody cares for him, so he recovered his self.

Tamaki: What are you talking about? Honey-senpai is the oldest in the club. He is much smarter than he looks. Silence is Mori-senpai’s selling point.

Haruhi:*sigh* I just want to study somewhere quiet…

Tamaki: Why? What about your time?

Haruhi: My father brings his lover during the daytime…He has a night job…

Tamaki: *sweat drops* Oh… You don’t get along with your father, eh? And that’s why he doesn’t pay for your tuition.

Haruhi: Oh no, we get along just fine. Though he spends too much money…

Page 15

Haruhi: It’s just I want to bother him as little as possible. He bought me up for 10 years by himself… And I thought I should do whatever I can…

Tamaki: Hmmm… That kind of environment is pitiful isn’t?

Haruhi: Huh? Not really…

Tamaki: And your stable diet is white carrot rice, As I expected?

SFX: Huh?

Tamaki: *tears coming off from his eyes, grabs Haruhi* Being too poor, you have to “houkou” or mean rich people overwork you and cry yourself to sleep!?

Note: Houkou; be a servant of rich people.

Haruhi: *vein popping* What era are you talking about?

Tamaki: *using tissue for his tears* I’ve been watching “oshin” lately and it’s my favorite…

Note: Oshin; If you don’t know what oishin is, ask your Japanese elder neighbour.

Tamaki: I didn’t know you were the model of that girl…

Haruhi: I am not. The story is totally different.

SFX: Serious

Tamaki: Ok Haruhi!! Time to learn!!


Tamaki: Maybe it’s impossible with your looks, but I’ll train you thoroughly!! Let me see… You could probably get…

SFX: Points

Haruhi: *horrified* Eek!

Tamaki: 100 people!! If you get 100 people to request you, you are free from your debt! And be the Host Oshin of the World!

Scene: Haruhi is down on her knees in a galaxy background.

Haruhi: No! I’d rather do chores!


Narration: Ouran Host Club First Motto. Be strong, be dignified and be beautiful.

SFX: Koton

Haruhi: *putting the glass on the table* Thank you for the wait…

Tamaki: *hits Haruhi’s head*

Haruhi: Oww!


Tamaki: When you put the glass down, you have to use your pinky finger as a cushion. There won’t be any noise and it’s easier to get the position.

Haruhi: I see. It’s so as not to give discomfort to customers, right?

Tamaki: It’s the way to make me look good. A good guy won’t make an ugly sound. I love my reflection on the glass too.

Haruhi: To look good, eh… I’m one stupid person asking that question…


SFX: Smiles

Tamaki: When you have any kind of problem, it’s better to see people in a lower type of perspective. Maybe it’s too much incentive for you…

Scene: Tamaki stares at Haruhi and some sparkles on him.

SFX: Sparkle

Haruhi: I don’t feel anything…

Tamaki: *sulks into the corner*

Haruhi: Well. I’m sorry. I was lying. I did feel a small spark.

Haruhi: What a troublesome guy.. 

SFX: Pyokon

Honey: *hugs Haruhi* Haru-chan! ~ Do you want to eat cakes together?

Haruhi: Woah.

Haruhi: Well… I don’t really like sweets.

Haruhi: What a weird creature he is.. Is he really 18 years old?

Honey: Usa-chan is a stuffed rabbit for Honey-senpai.

Haruhi: Well, I’m not a big fan of rabbits either…

Honey: You don’t like my Usa-chan?

SFX: Thump

Haruhi: Eh.

Haruhi: *stares at Honey while getting Usa-chan* Please let me play with it… It’s cute isn’t?

Honey: Right~

Tamaki: *looks over at Haruhi and Honey, still in the corner*

Princess Ayakonoji: Tamaki-sama, I heard about it.

SFX: Noise

Princess Ayakonoji: I heard that you were taking care of the kitty with no pedigree.

Tamaki: Yeah… It’s sad to be called a kitty.