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This is Chapter 09 of the Ouran High School Host Club manga series.


The Ouran Host Club is staying at Umehito Nekozawa's mansion for the evening. When Haruhi Fujioka arrives wearing a dress, she tells them that her dad packed her suitcase. Tamaki Suoh gets a nosebleed and the twins call him a pervert. At dinner, Haruhi and Tamaki trade barbs, but Tamaki finally gives up and leaves with Kyoya Ootori. Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka, Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka, Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin tell Haruhi that even they were worried, surprising her. She apologizes, then says her stomach hurts. The Hosts help her find the nearest bathroom but upon exiting, Haruhi is disoriented and in a dimly lit bedroom where she notices a stranger. She is about to leave when Kyoya reveals himself. They discuss how much the day cost the Host Club, with Kyoya suggesting that she pay off the debt with her body. While pinned on the bed, Haruhi calmly says there's nothing to be gained by Kyoya molesting her. Kyoya is amused and impressed by her insight. Tamaki enters and, suspecting the worst, grows angry. Kyoya's reaction is to hand him a bottle of lotion and leave. A thunderstorm begins. Haruhi's brontophobia kicks in and she hides in the wardrobe. Tamaki gets her to come out but when the others arrive, they see her blindfolded and wearing earplugs. The next day Tamaki is dubbed the "S&M king," but Tamaki doesn't care because he understands Haruhi better.

Chapter Summary

The weather has changed, it’s dark and gloomy. The hosts are in Nekozawa's vacation house,

Nekozawa talking to tamaki.png

playing board games since they have nothing to do and the electric lights are inoperative. Tamaki is still in his "depressed" mode, moping around. The twins tell him that if he brought a white dress for Haruhi to wear while they take a walk, he could talk to her about what happened earlier in the day. Nekozawa notices that Tamaki seems to like white dresses which Tamaki finds freaky.

Tamaki complains about Nekozawa's vacation home, calling it a haunted mansion. Kyoya replies that he just feels that way because it's free. Tamaki continues to complain, then goes back to moping around while the twins

Tamaki nosebleed.png

call him idiot. Nekozawa tells Tamaki that using only candlelight is good and that he will have a "splendid night," freaking out Tamaki yet again. Haruhi enters wearing a dress, saying that the main electrical breaker was thrown and since she was in the basement, she turned it back on. Hikaru comments about Haruhi's dress and she replies that her dad re-packed her bags. Honey calls Haruhi cute, Kyoya asks if Haruhi’s okay and the twins give her a neck massage to relax her. This pushes Tamaki into attempting to speak with Haruhi again, but as he gets near, he gets a nosebleed. The twins call him a “perverted maniac” because he got nosebleed just seeing Haruhi. Kyoya says it’s a perfect example of a mistaken first aid.

At dinner, they order ootoro just for Haruhi. Kaoru asks Kyoya about Nekozawa's location to which Kyoya replies that he's resting after receiving an electrical shock when the power was restored. With everyone present, Haruhi sits next to Honey and Tamaki sits next to them. Haruhi is enjoying her food when, unexpectedly, she picks up a piece and teases Tamaki with it. Kaoru notes that Haruhi has an immature side to her. Kyoya adds that when commoners become obsessed, it can be frightening. Tamaki asks Haruhi if she's the "twins or something" and she wonders aloud why he's speaking to her when he said he wouldn't. Tamaki gets angry, seeing that Haruhi has no intention of apologizing. He asks to be shown to his guest room but, because he's afraid of dark corridors, he asks Kyoya to go with him.

The twins, Honey and Mori are left with Haruhi in the dining room. The twins warn Haruhi that she's eating too much and she pauses, admitting that maybe she should learn martial arts

Mori, honey, the twins and haruhi.png

Hikaru says even he and Kaoru think Haruhi should apologize for her reckless behavior. Haruhi defends herself, saying that she didn't mean to harm the intruders. Honey corrects her misperception saying she should apologize because everyone was worried about her safety. This shocks Haruhi which disappoints them because she still doesn't understand the danger in which she placed herself. She finally says, “Sorry,” and the Hosts forgive her because she’s cute. Haruhi’s stomach begins to hurt and they find a bathroom for her. In the corridor, they run into a blond man with blue eyes who asks them what's happening. The Hosts ask the man who he is, saying that he looks like a foreigner. The servants give the man additional attire and upon seeing him dressed in it, the Hosts realize that it's Nekozawa.

After Haruhi gets sick and washes up in the bathroom, she emerges not knowing exactly where she is. She sees a man who is shirtless and without glasses, and fails to recognize him. She apologizes and is about to leave

Kyouya infront of haruhi.png

when Kyoya reveals his identity. He asks if she finally apologized to Tamaki and Haruhi says no, but that she’s sorry for making everyone worry. Kyoya says he didn’t worry much, but that he did have to haul the twins off of the intruders and had to send every guest a bouquet of flowers. Haruhi says it must be exhausting and asks him if the cost of the flowers is being added to her debt. Suddenly, he pushes Haruhi against the wall, turns off the lights and tells her that she can pay him back with her body, adding that because he's male and she's

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female, he can force himself on her whenever he chooses and she won't be able to fight him off. He pushes her onto the bed saying she's an easy target, but Haruhi stays calm and tells him that she knows he won't harm her because there's nothing to be gained by doing so.

Haruhi’s insight makes Kyoya laugh a bit as he resets his glasses on his face, complimenting her shrewd answer. He adds that she's an interesting girl and asks her if she now understands why everyone worried. Haruhi finally does and says that Kyoya is surprisingly kind. This confuses Kyoya, who asks her what she means. Haruhi responds that she knows that Kyoya is only "playing the villain" to prove Tamaki's point. Tamaki enters Kyoya’s room at that moment asking for lotion. Seeing Kyoya and Haruhi on the bed, he is furious and ready to attack Kyoya when a bottle of lotion is shoved at him before Kyoya leaves. As he heads down the corridor, he muses about Haruhi’s response.

Back in the guest room, Tamaki asks Haruhi what she was doing with Kyoya as the beginnings of a thunderstorm are heard. When Haruhi says, "Nothing," Tamaki argues that there must be something. She demands that he stop thinking negative thoughts and Tamaki surrenders, saying she must be tired and should rest. As he opens the door to leave, Haruhi grabs his shirt. Tamaki turns and Haruhi says it's nothing again, but when another thunderous boom is heard, she hides in the room's wardrobe saying she has important business there. Tamaki says no one in the world would have important business there, then asks if she’s afraid of thunder. Tamaki tries to open the wardrobe's doors, telling Haruhi to come out. Haruhi says it’s okay because she’s always dealt with thunder this way. Tamaki then realizes that Haruhi has always dealt with her problems on her own, which is why she didn't call out for help earlier that day. 

Tamaki continues to try to get Haruhi out of the closet and finally tells her that being in a closet with a metal lining

Tamaki and haruhi huggs.png

might result in being hit by lightning. Haruhi immediately emerges, hugging Tamaki who chuckles a little, saying that she's safe. He adds that he now understands why didn’t she call for help and that from that day on, he'll not take his eyes off of her to better prevent her from doing anything reckless again. As Tamaki continues to comfort Haruhi, the worried Hosts enter the room, only to find Tamaki giving earplugs to a blindfolded Haruhi. The twins call Tamaki a pervert and continue to do so the next day, nicknaming him the “S&M King.” Tamaki says to blab all they want because, inside, he knows he'll protect Haruhi’s secret. Haruhi gives Tamaki a suspicious look and asks where he got the blindfold he gave her.

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