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This is an "Extra Chapter" from Volume 01 of the Ouran High School Host Club manga series entitled, Honey-senpai's Bun-bun or Honey's Usa-chan, depending on which manga version you read.


Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka's favorite plaything is a pink stuffed bunny named Usa-chan or Bun-bun.  After accidentally spilling tea on the toy while Honey naps, Tamaki Suoh and the twins search frantically for a replacement or bright idea to satisfy the sleeping loli-shota. Their plan is foiled with Honey waking up and, as usual, in a bad mood. They beg Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka for help and he calmly tells Honey a plausible story. Tamaki and the twins despair because the answer is so simple, yet they'd concocted a crazy scheme that was bound to fail - all for nothing.

Chapter Summary

Honey sleeping.

A typical day in Music Room 3 begins with Tamaki scolding the twins for creating chaos and spilling tea on Honey's stuffed rabbit, Usa-chan (Bun-bun) which happened when Tamaki tried to stop them as they tried to get Haruhi Fujioka to wear girly clothing and she fled from them. She refuses their requests and they revert to hugging her, annoying Tamaki. Kyoya Ootori doesn't mind the horsing around, but warns that the noise might wake Honey, who is napping. Haruhi doesn't understand what the big deal is and suggests they just wake him up and apologize. She's commanded to step back by Tamaki, Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin who tell her that Honey always awakens in a foul mood and always carries Usa-chan, the rumor being that it was handmade by his favorite grandmother. He reminds Haruhi of Honey's scary face during Renge's film, adding that Honey's bloodtype is AB, a sign of a split-personality. Haruhi is skeptical until Tamaki says Kyoya is also bloodtype AB.

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Tamaki orders Hikaru and Kaoru to fly their family jet to Mt. Osore and bring back a medium who can channel Honey's deceased grandmother and make a replacement toy. The twins say he's a lame-brain, so maybe they should just get the rabbit cleaned. He then appears with a full-body rabbit suit for Haruhi to wear in order to fool Honey for a while, but Haruhi says he should wear it instead. Tamaki cajoles her into donning it as he puts his stuffed bear, Kuma-chan or Beary, where the stuffed rabbit usually rests.

When Honey awakens and sees Kuma-chan, he slams it to the floor. He then finds Usa-chan is stained and gets angry. Hikaru, Kaoru and Tamaki beg Mori for help who calmly tells Honey, "We just wanted to offer Bun-bun some tea," which surprises everyone, but satisfies Honey. Everyone is then disappointed with themselves because they didn't think that such an easy explanation would work and they fretted over nothing.

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