Akito Ootori is Kyoya Ootori's brother, and the second oldest Ootori son. He is currently finishing Medical School and plans to join the family business, alongside his older brother, Yuichi Ootori.  In the anime, he's only seen in flashbacks when there's a close up of a photograph depicting the Ootori family men in Ep 04 - Attack of the Lady Manager!  and briefly, as a younger man, in Ep 24 - And So Kyoya Met Him!


The few times Akito appears in the manga, he is always shown to be uptight and more irritable than his calmer brothers.  After he finishes medical school, he wants to earn his Master of Business Administration degree to be of better help to Yuuichi. He has no desire to challenge Yuuichi's inheritance and wishes that Kyoya felt the same.

Akito is very studious; in high school, he dedicated all of his time to his studies, foregoing any club activities.  He sees Kyoya's involvement in the Host Club as irresponsible, despite the fact that Kyoya is still the top student in his class. In Chapter 77, Akito becomes frustrated when Kyoya starts a conversation at dinner while Yuuichi is there for his weekly business discussion with their father.  In Chapter 73, Kyoya was not even aware that Akito was home.  However, Kyoya respects both of his older brothers and does not feel that he has the right to compete with them until he graduates college and is at their "level" of accomplishment.

Akito likes to pry into Kyoya's personal life.  Whenever Kaoru Hitachiin visits, Akito "obsessively" questions him about Kyoya's academic and club performance, causing Kaoru to avoid Akito at all costs.  Kaoru asserts his dislike of Akito again when he meets Nanako Shouji, Akito's potential fiance, saying that her good humor would be wasted on someone like him.  In the same chapter, Akito expresses extreme annoyance with the hosts' noisiness and wonders how Kyoya tolerates them.  He also blames Kyoya when the marriage interview is cancelled.

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