Ageha Hitachiin is Hikaru and Kaoru's little sister. She was born sometime around when her brothers were in middle school. She likes butterflies and flowers.


Ageha looks like a normal little girl, with short dark hair that is slighty curled inwards on the ends and a small stature typical of her age. She wears a solid colored dress in her appearances in the manga.


Ageha has a personality much like her older brothers when they were children. She is very frank and is said to be just like the other Hitachiin women in her family. It is also possible that she has above normal intelligence, as she is shown reading a large book titled "The Meaning of the Universe," despite her young age.


Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

Although little is seen of Ageha, it seems that the twins dote on her, giving her dresses and toys; however, these fail to impress her and she bluntly rejects them.

Kazuha and Yuzuha Hitachiin

Both mother and grandmother seem to get along well with Ageha, as she has similarly opinionated attitudes as they do. They praise her for not trying to flatter men, especially her brothers, Hikaru and Kaoru. She says that Kazuha's hair is weird, but Kazuha doesn't seem to no
Ageha Tamaki
tice or care.

Tamaki Suoh

Ageha is frightfully emotionally attached to Tamaki and addresses him as milord, much to the annoyance of the twins.


Hikaru: Ageha, big brother Hikaru made this game for you.
Kaoru: Look Ageha. Big brother Kaoru made this dress for you. It's cute.
Ageha: Both of them look stupid.


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