This is a bonus chapter of the manga that takes place after the Chapter 83 finale.

Chapter Summary

Haruhi's first two months in Boston have passed quickly. While studying, she hears Honey's voice asking her to eat cake with him. A tall, blonde boy stands in her room holding a box of cake. Haruhi looks around the room for Honey, but the tall boy tells "Haru-chan" to stop, revealing himself to be the Host Club's original boy-lolita.

Ch honey cm

Growth spurt.

After recovering from her shock, she apologizes that she is still not used to his 32-centimeter growth spurt. Tamaki and the twins invite themselves into her apartment, much to Haruhi's annoyance, followed by Takashi. Honey shares his cake with them and the twins command Tamaki to make tea. Tamaki accepts the challenge and finishes the chore like a pro. The twins are amazed that Haruhi has trained him to be a housewife, but Haruhi grumbles that he can't even make curry.
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Haruhi ponders if it's something in the American food that made the smallest Host grow so dramatically. While eating, she is overcome by a new sense of claustrophobia from being surrounded by tall boys. After the snack, Honey grows sleepy but now that he has the body of a man, no one is endeared. Takashi plants him on the wooden floor with a blanket and tells him to take a nap. The others fret over the careless treatment, and Tamaki wonders if Takashi only feels nurturing towards small things. Kaoru gasps, remembering that he saw Kyouya give Honey a bottle of daily "vitamins" on numerous occasions. The four freak out about Kyouya purposefully stunting his growth. Kyouya appears from behind and explains that there was no other way to sell Honey's image since the club already had a tall dumb blonde (Tamaki). The four spiral into hysteria that Kyouya would go so far to make money.

Ch honey dumb blondes

Dumb blondes.

The scene cuts to Haruhi eating and ending her story with, "And that's what I dreamed last night." The boys, eating her curry, are speechless. Tamaki and Honey are upset about being called "dumb blondes." Kyouya tells Haruhi that they need to work on her subconscious perception of him, before flashing a chilling smile. Haruhi panics and apologizes.

"…And that pretty much set the mood for Boston."


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